In 2014 the Institució CERCA created an Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management Committee to discuss and propose tools and measures for eliminating the biases and barriers that prevent highly qualified human resources realising their full potential.

A range of measures has been implemented on the recommendations of this committee including a model equal opportunities plan that research centres have used as the starting point for their own plans, and a video addressed to the members of scientific advisory committees on how to avoid gender bias when recruiting for senior posts.

The members of the Equality Committee are:

Teresa Rosas

Talent and Gender Officer (CREAF)

Neus Prats

Core Facility Manager (IRB Barcelona)

Michela Svaluto

Senior researcher & Director of Quality Programs (CTTC)

Hermínia Pujol

Manager of the Centre for Demographic Studies (CED)

Anna Ribas

Manager of the Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IdibGi)

Xavier Lasauca

Xavier Lasauca

Responsable de Gestió del Coneixement - Direcció General de Recerca (convidat)

Lluís Rovira

Director of the CERCA Institute