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Combating gender-based violence

Since 2019, CERCA has been an active participant in the Women and Science Committee of the Inter-University Council of Catalonia (CIC). This has allowed us to access grants managed by the Catalan Women’s Institute (ICD) under the State Pact against gender-based violence.

As active members of this project, we have launched a range of actions addressed to all CERCA centre staff with the aim of raising awareness and preventing gender-based violence.

Video: From microaggressions to sexual harassment

The video, aimed at preventing gender-based violence, is a tool designed to raise awareness of this problem among centre staff. It is intended to help bring these issues to the surface and to provide resources for people who have to deal with them.

Training: from microaggressions to harassment. Women in academic research

A course based on a tailored microlearning tool has been designed, with the aim of raising awareness among centre staff and providing them with tools for detecting and preventing gender-based violence.