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Equality Plan

CERCA centres and their research community base their work on respect and equality between all involved. Both the management of research and the policies of eligibility, employability, institutional representation, distribution of resources and evaluation must be based on the fair assessment of people and avoid possible biases and discriminatory tendencies.

Although women have begun to enter some scientific fields in greater numbers, their mere increased presence is not evidence of the absence of bias. To the extent that faculty gender bias impedes women’s full participation in science, it may undercut not only academic meritocracy, but also the expansion of the scientific workforce needed for the next decade’s advancement of national competitiveness. (Corinne A. Moss-Racusin [et al.], 2012).

In some areas, analysis shows an unequal distribution of investments in research for men and women. There are fewer women receiving funding as principal investigators, with fewer studies funded with lower funding amounts when successful (Michael G. Head [et al.], 2013).

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management Plan

To change this situation, CERCA’s equality commission has designed a model equal opportunity and diversity management plan. This plan provides a recommended model that CERCA centres can adapt to their circumstances and, thus, implement the corresponding measures.

Putting the right measures in place should produce a gender balance that will lead to greater creativity and excellence in the scientific and technological dynamics of CERCA centres.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management Plan